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Marble is a stone made of earth’s calcium formations (Metamorphic rock) that can be polished to a high glass like gloss finish.  Marble surfaces can be used in an interior or exterior application such as feature walls, floors, countertops, fireplaces and staircases.


Travertine is a stone made of calcium carbonate based limestone (Sedimentary rock) that can be polished to a medium sheen finish.  Travertine’s distinguishing characteristic is the “air holes” that can be as large as a dime. Therefore travertines are available either in it’s natural state with the holes unfilled for a feature wall application or with the air holes resin filled and honed/polished.


Granite is a stone made of the earth’s quartz (Igneous Rock) it is the most dense stone available where the molecules are so tightly compacted it makes this stone very resistant to stains and scratches. Granite is suitable for interior or exterior surfaces. For an exterior floor application granite is usually flamed to an anti slip surface to help prevent slipping during wet and icy conditions. For interior application granite is the most popular preferred choice for kitchen countertops due to its strength and resistance to stains and scratches and for its classic beauty.


Quartz(engineered stone) Quartz surface products are manufactured from up to 93% quartz (one of nature’s hardest minerals) and high-quality polymer resins and pigments that are compacted under intense vibration, vacuum, and pressure into dense, non-porous slabs. Quartz slabs are then post cured, gauged to precise thicknesses, and polished to an enduring shine. All custom stone pieces are fabricated on site, and installed in the final project.


Onyx is a stone made from chalcedony rock usually found in South American areas and Indian states.  Onyx’s distinguishing characteristic is that it is the only natural stone that is partially translucent, where a light can shine through and brighten the stone.  Onyx can be polished to a high glass like gloss finish.  Onyx can be used for interior or exterior applications.


Geoluxe (engineered stone) is a breakthrough Pyrolithic stone with the noble beauty of natural marble and superior technical performance. It is made from a complex mixture of 100% mineral-based materials through patented Geomimicry forming technology which enables realistic marble-like veins throughout the slab. It offers an ultimate combination of elegance and performance.


Dekton (engineered stone) is made from a proprietary blend of natural quartz stone, porcelain, and glass. These raw materials are fused and compressed under high pressure to create a slab material that is very dense and compact. Dekton is also heat, scratch, and acid-resistant. It does not need sealing.


Limestone is a stone made of the earth’s sedimentary rock formations. Limestone has a satin smooth finish and usually can not be polished to a gloss finish. Limestone can be used in an interior or exterior application such as countertops, fireplaces, feature walls and floors.


Slate is a stone made from a fine grain sedimentary rock.  Slate is usually produced with a vein like stippled or a smooth honed surface.  It can be used for an interior or exterior applications.

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A smooth and shinny traditional finish


A smooth, non-reflective surface


A surface with a subtle slightly wavy finish

Bushed Hammer

A dull surface with a rough texture